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Supporting Documents for .my Domains

Supporting document is needed for .my domain registration.,
For Organisations certified by the Malaysian ROC, ROB and ROS, any of the following documents;
- Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) by Registrar of Companies (Pendaftar Syarikat) i.e. Borang 8, Borang 9, Borang 13, Borang 19, Borang 83, Borang 83A
- Business pursuant to Business Registration Act 1956 (Akta Pendaftaran Perniagaan 1956) (Borang D)
- Business pursuant to Commercial License Ordinance 1948 (Ordinan Perlesenan Perdagangan 1948) - For Sabah and Sarawak. (Borang B)
- Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) by Registrar of Societies (Pendaftar Persatuan) i.e. Borang 3 Peraturan 5 Peraturan 7(1), Peraturan 7(4)
Registrant must have a copy of a company registration in Malaysia as well as a physical presence with a valid address and phone number.

For Individual
Photocopy of Identification Card (MyKAD).
- Letter from Government Ministry that Endorse the Organization
- For Ministry School - Letter from Prinicipal to Apply for the Domain on the School Letterhead
- For Private School - Letter from Malaysia Ministry of Education that approve the Organization as an Educational Institution
Letter From the Govt. Department's Director.
Photocopy of Identification Card (MyKAD).

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