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A website has SSL. Is CloudFlare Compatible?
If a website has SSL, the site can use CloudFlare, however there is an extra step. If the SSL...
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Are there sub-domains that shouldn't be enabled with CloudFlare?
Sub-domains on CloudFlare are marked with an orange cloud. Sub-domains not on CloudFlare are...
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Can I enable CloudFlare on a wildcard (*) sub-domain?
No, for security reasons, CloudFlare does not proxy traffic to a wildcard sub-domain. You have...
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Can I enable CloudFlare on my root domain (i.e. that is an A record?
CloudFlare can only accelerate and protect CNAMEs, not A records, which often includes the root...
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How does CloudFlare’s technology work?
CloudFlare is a CDN (content delivery network) with a security layer. Once a website is part of...
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I activated CloudFlare, but do not see any statistics.
There are two main reasons why this would happen. Reason #1) No traffic to subdomain...
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The user activated CloudFlare from Malcube Hosting’s control panel. Do they also get an account on What is the difference?
Once CloudFlare is activated through Malcube Hosting, the customer also gets an account at...
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What is CloudFlare?
CloudFlare is a performance and security service that we provide to our customers. On average, a...
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What is the association between Malcube Hosting and CloudFlare?
CloudFlare is a third-party vendor that is offering the CloudFlare service to Malcube Hosting...
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What types of websites can use CloudFlare?
Almost all websites can use CloudFlare. CloudFlare works for both static and dynamic websites....
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Where are CloudFlare’s data centers located?
CloudFlare’s network currently has 12 locations where it does caching and traffic filtering:...
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Will CloudFlare accelerate and protect a root domain (i.e.
CloudFlare can only accelerate and protect CNAMES. Since root domains are an A record, we...
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